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Improved email
privacy settings

Share your email account and easily control the privacy configuration with the new email privacy settings. Determine exactly who can see, send, or read emails with just a few clicks, so you know key information is always secure.

Send emails from
a shared account

Your whole team can use one shared inbox for ultimate visibility and collaboration. That means if your team uses an email like sales@yourcompany.com to manage all sales processes, you can keep the conversation flowing, no matter which team member is at the keyboard.
Share email connection

Send personalized
emails at scale

Reach large audiences at scale with personalized messages using the mass email feature. By selecting recipients, adding personalizations based on columns, and using templates, sales reps can send hundreds of emails in a fraction of the time.
Mass email

See your sales team ranked
in a leaderboard

With the new Leaderboard widget, you can see your sales reps ranked based on performance. Know who’s excelling and who needs extra support based on metrics like win rate, deal value, conversion rate, and more. Plus, see the average length of each phase.

Easily log calls on the go

After a call ends, seamlessly log your calls with an automatic summary screen that offers quick responses. When you are on the go, prebuilt responses ensure no information is lost and saves you time so you can focus on actually closing deals.

Visualize your pipeline performance with the funnel chart

The new visual funnel chart helps you gain a better understanding of your pipeline conversion by seeing the drops in the different stages of your sales process from lead to closed-won. How awesome is that?!
funnel chart

Larger display for increased visibility

Information can now be viewed in a wider format, making it easier to visually keep track of the deal status, see every customer interaction, and monitor the entire sales pipeline!

Share email templates and maximize efficiency

Your high-converting templates can now be shared with your team, increasing productivity, saving time, and allowing them to focus on what matters most - closing deals!
share email templates

Always know your deal’s stage

The sales path enhances visibility into the sales funnel, calculates pipeline coverage, and tracks sales results by visualizing every stage of the sales process. Know where every deal stands - always!

All emails are saved
as drafts

To prevent accidental data loss, all emails are automatically saved as drafts. Draft emails also allow you to review existing emails while working on a new one. Now that's efficient!
Draft saved

Reply to all - just like that

Keep communication open between people in a chain of emails with the reply-all feature. Everyone is able to view information, and comments and updates are displayed immediately. How's that for transparency?
replay email

View all email recipients

You can easily view all email recipients and what projects are being worked on by having access to all recipients. With many people working on one client, it is easier to see who sent what to who in your emails. Say goodbye to confusion!
drop down

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