Board View

There are lots of different ways users can visualize
board data. Users choose the view that fits their
work best – Kanban, Gantt, and Dashboard
are just a few of the most popular options.

Example apps:
Bottlenecks | Planning Poker

Item View

Users click on an item to see it in full detail
in the Item View. They can write updates and see
and respond to previous updates. Plus, they’re able
to view relevant files, an activity log, and more.

Example apps:
Conversations | Voicer
itemviewnobg wtb01


Users add widgets to a dashboard to see consolidated
data across boards. This can include charts, files,
progress trackers, and more so users get a broad
overview of their work from different perspectives.

Example apps:
Miro | TaskMagic


Users can bring their tools with them and connect
with dozens of the most popular digital software via integrations. Seamless connections make for
more efficient workflows.

Example apps:
MediaValet | Azure DevOps


Users can add dynamic content and embed boards, dashboards, tasks, and widgets directly into their documents
developers can build custom Doc Actions , which can be triggered by different methods

Learn more:
Apps for monday.com workdocs
Docs nobg

Starter template

Boards, views, widgets, and more are bundled
together as a template. Users can use these pre-made templates to address their specific use cases.

Example apps:
Template nobg